Vintage Concentration game paper


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Who remembers Concentration, the  TV game show that aired back in the days of black and white television sets? Contestants had to solve a rebus puzzle in order to win. This fun sheet of lightweight paper is from a mid-century home version of that game; each one has a rebus puzzle phrase or name. Let one inspire your next project! Please select phrase (note only one of each is available). Approximately 5.5″ x 8″

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My Lips are Sealed (torn), Off to the Races, Closed for Repairs, Wagon Train, Can You Beat That, A Nose for News, Raising Cane, I Whistle a Happy Tune, Henry Clay, That's My Boy, Tropic of Cancer, Yankee Stadium, Horn of Plenty, The 3 Stooges, The King of Swing, Age Before Beauty, According to Hoyle, Woodrow Wilson, Taking it on the Lamb, Keep Your Fingers Crossed, The French and Indian War, Face the Facts, Piano Concerto, Down the Hatch, Dropping a Bombshell, Rumpelstiltskin, It's In the Bag, Happy as a Lark, Leif Ericson, Stop Look and Listen, Yogi Berra, Time's a Wasting, Don't Play with Matches, Beast of Burden, Order in the Court, Sure as Shooting, Great Scott, Breaking the Monotony, Play for Keeps, You Can Hear a Pin Drop, A Matter of Minutes, Stressing A Point, It's Time for a Change, Spot Check

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