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Bias tape surgical mask


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Product Description

In response to the pandemic hitting our nation I have started sewing and donating face masks for essential employees of organizations that are requesting them. Now that our federal government is recommending we all wear masks outside our home, I am making these available to the public at cost. Available in adult (8″ wide) and child size (6″ wide).

This mask will not block the COVID-19 virus, but it will give a layer of protection while outside and in public. This mask has ties and a pocket inside for a filter, and is machine washable. Please select fabric design.

Turn-around time is 1-2 days. First class shipping takes 2-4 days. Express overnight shipping is available at checkout if selected. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Stay safe. Stay sane. Stay well. And thank you!

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Fabric design

Yellow with white polka dots, Batman, Dog bones on navy, Orange with pink polka dots, Green with blue polka dots, Red with black checks, Camo, Red with white polka dots


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