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Jubilee Flea Subscription Box



Product Description

This curated monthly subscription box is filled with the sort of quality vintage finds + ephemera you’ve come to expect from Jubilee Flea. All based on a monthly theme.

What can I expect in my box?
You’ll receive a generous selection of fabulous original vintage items each month. Big items. Small items. In-between items. Each box will be unique so you + a friend can order and trade like Halloween candy. And it will all come packaged in a ridiculously cute manner.

No repros?
Nope. Never. Not a chance.

Will everything be vintage?
If I find a newer item that is so on-theme and adorable that I decide you must have it, it will be included. (like the world’s cutest reindeer-shaped paper clips I found the other day.)

How much and what’s the commitment?
$25 per month. There’s no minimum commitment, but if you want to reserve your box early, you can sign up for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. This subscription is pay-as-you-go; multiple-month subscriptions are billed on the 10th of the month and sent on the 15th (pending approved payment).

What’s box is currently available?

And what’s January’s theme?
Red, pink + a whole lotta love!