JF Subscription Box




This curated monthly subscription box is filled with the sort of quality vintage finds + ephemera you’ve come to expect from Jubilee Flea. All based on a monthly theme. Pictured at left are some of the July contents packed up and ready to ship (July is now sold out). Next available box is August.

What can I expect in my box?
You’ll receive a generous selection of fabulous original vintage items each month. Big items. Small items. In-between items. Each box will be unique so you + a friend can order and trade like Halloween candy. And it will all come packaged in a ridiculously cute manner.

No repros?
Nope. Never. Not a chance.

Will everything be vintage?
If I find a newer item that is so on-theme and adorable that I decide you must have it, it will be included. (like the world’s cutest reindeer-shaped paper clips I found the other day.)

How much and what’s the commitment?
$25 per month. There’s no minimum commitment, but if you want to reserve your box early, you can sign up for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. This subscription is pay-as-you-go; multiple-month subscriptions are billed on the 15th of the month and sent on the 20th (pending approved payment).

Sounds great, but want to try a smaller box first?
Then give the Mini Box a go! This curated monthly subscription box is just like the  original in every way except for the quantity of items and the price. Both are half! Sign up here

What box is currently available?
August 2021 (Juy is sold out)

And what is August’s theme?

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