Jubilee Flea JunkZine™




I’ve combined junk journaling (def: a bound publication made with new and found materials to be used for writing, etc.) and a zine (def: small handmade magazine devoted to a very specialized subject matter) to create the Jubilee Flea JunkZine™!

The monthly JunkZine™ has 24 to 28 pages sprinkled with prompts, ideas, tips and fun stuff to encourage, help and inspire you to keep a journal. You’ll even find a little packet of vintage paper goodies tucked inside. Each issue will have a new look, but each journal will be unique. Pictured at left is the August 2021 JunkZine.

How much and what’s the commitment?
$12.50 per issue. There’s no minimum commitment, but if you want to reserve your JunkZine™ early, you can sign up for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. This subscription is pay-as-you-go; multiple-month subscriptions are billed on the 20th of the month and sent around the 25th (pending approved payment). August 2021 is SOLD OUT. Taking pre-orders for September 2021 now.

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